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Žurić i Partneri is a law firm providing a full range of legal services in Croatia in the areas of law typically relevant to corporate clients and public agencies.

Having served international and local clients in all areas of business in Croatia with enthusiasm and dedication for over 25 years, the lawyers of Žurić i Partneri have created one of the largest law firms in Croatia and developed a legal practice aiming at the highest standards of expertise and reliability in commercial law.

A unique blend of professional experience, national and international education and training ensures that the lawyers of Žurić i Partneri are fully accomplished to work on the most complex legal assignments while always being committed to deliver the cutting-edge legal service.

Žurić i Partneri


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Status of digital nomads in Croatia

With introduction of the new Foreigners Act, Croatia has joined a global trend of regulating the status of digital nomads. Nomads of the modern, digital age are the people who use Information and comm...

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