SELA members join Grimaldi alliance

Grimaldi is a leading Italian law firm, with a presence in four large Italian cities, including Milan, Rome, Bari and Parma. Grimaldi also has offices in Lugano, Brussels, London and New York City.

By partnering with the members of SELA, Grimaldi is able to offer high-quality legal services across South East Europe, with direct involvement with highly qualified national professionals. The Grimaldi Alliance provides clients with a one-Stop Shop for cross-border investments and ensures that clients have easy access to international best practice standards in the internationalization of their businesses. The Grimaldi Alliance prides itself for its ability to partner with clients in the development and growth of their business in international markets.

Drafting the new corporate governance code

The Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE) and the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (HANFA), with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), have begun a project to revise the Corporate Governance Code.

Besides Žurić i Partneri two other consulting companies are engaged by EBRD, namely Nestor Advisors Ltd. with headquarters in London and UMiUM Advisory from Zagreb. Edin Karakaš, partner at Žurić i Partneri, had the honor to present a draft of the new Corporate Governance Code at the 10th Annual Education for Share Issuers. The public hearing is open until May 29, 2019

The Code of Corporate Governance is a document that defines the standards of management and transparency of the operations of the joint stock companies and defines management procedures based on international experience and standards, aimed at increasing the transparency of the company’s operations, establishing high-quality internal processes and overseeing the management functions, more efficient internal control and accountability system, which should ultimately contribute to greater transparency, easier investment decisions, and contribute to the protection of investors.

The aim of the project is to strengthen the application of best practices, optimize company monitoring in the area of ​​corporate governance and raise the level of transparency as an important prerequisite for capital market development.

Although the first Code of Corporate Governance dates all the way back to 2007, the dynamic economic environment and ongoing regulatory changes seek to constantly improve corporate governance practices in order to ensure business sustainability and attract investment.

Business breakfast: „Legal aspects of financing business in Croatia“

In the organization of Nordic Chamber of Commerce and Association of Italian Entrepreneurs in Croatia, Edin Karakaš, partner in Žurić i Partneri law firm and renowned banking and finance attorney at law, was guest speaker on business breakfast event at the Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton with the topic of key legal aspects of financing business in Croatia.

The aim of the presentation was to answer and discuss the aspects such as sources of financing business in Croatia, collaterals, praxis of syndicated loans, upstream guarantees and (in)validity of loans by foreign lenders.

A great number of financial managers (CFO), business professionals in legal departments, accountants, business consultants, bankers, investors and others had the opportunity to get concrete answers and solutions to their questions related to the topic.

Žurić i Partneri provided legal assistance to OTP Bank d.d.

Žurić i Partneri provided legal assistance to OTP Bank d.d. in the process of merger of Splitska banka d.d. – Societe Generale.
As a result of the successful merger between the two, OTP Bank d.d. is now a larger and more competitive bank, ranked fourth in Croatian market.
On the side of Žurić i Partneri the transaction was led by Miroslav Plašćar, managing partner with the assistance of Vedran Kopilović, associate.

World Bank has launched in Zagreb ”Doing Business in EU 2018: Croatia, Czech Republic, Portugal and Slovakia”

World Bank Group has launched ”Doing Business in EU 2018: Croatia, Czech Republic, Portugal and Slovakia” on 3 July 2018 in Zagreb, in cooperation with Agency for Investments and Competitiveness and under sponsorship of European Comission and Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts. We are proud to announce that our partners Edin Karakaš and Ana Vrsaljko Metelko are contibutors for this edition of Doing Business.

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