Chambers Europe 2021 ranks Žurić i Partneri as one of the best law firms in Croatia

Žurić i Partneri are top ranked in the following areas: Banking & Finance, Corporate and Commercial, Dispute Resolution and Real Estate.

We are proud of Edin Karakaš and Miroslav Plašćar who are individually ranked in Dispute Resolution area.

The research results for Croatia can be viewed here.

Congratulations to all members of ŽIP team whose dedicated work stands behind this great achievement, and congratulations to all ranked colleagues as well.


Žurić i Partneri are at the very top of the best law firms in Croatia in Corporate and Commercial area, the only section researched for Croatia by Chambers Global, with Band 2 ranking.

We are proud to report that our Daniela Mayer, head of Italian desk, is ranked as Foreign expert for Italy, as the one of only two ranked foreign experts in Croatia.

The research results for Croatia can be viewed here.

Status of digital nomads in Croatia

With introduction of the new Foreigners Act, Croatia has joined a global trend of regulating the status of digital nomads. Nomads of the modern, digital age are the people who use Information and communications technology for work and have the ability to perform their work from anywhere in the world, thus having the overwhelming liberty in forming their lifestyle and choosing their residence, which digital nomads tend to change frequently. In the Foreigners Act, digital nomads are defined as third-country (non-EEA country) citizens who are employed or perform work using communication technology for a company of their own or other company not registered in the Republic of Croatia and do not perform work or provide services for employers in the Republic of Croatia. With the newly introduced Foreigners Act, starting from 1 January 2021, digital nomads will be eligible to obtain a visa, allowing them to live and work in Croatia up to 1 year. After said 1 year has passed, digital nomads could extend this visa for another 1 year after a six-month physical hiatus out of Croatia. As digital nomads are usually high-earners, the idea behind these novelties was aimed to provide an attractive environment for digital nomads, who would select Croatia as their place of work and residence, thus beneficially contributing to the Croatian budget and local businesses` revenue in the process.

Said changes to the Foreigners Act are accompanied by changes of the relevant tax legislation as well. Starting 1 January 2021, Personal Income Tax Act will provide for an exemption from taxation, meaning that income earned by a natural person with acquired status of a digital nomad is not subject to personal income tax if said income derives from employment or activities for an employer who is not registered in the Republic of Croatia.

With recent founding of Digital Nomads Association Croatia, Croatia has affirmed its position at the forefront of the process of accommodating digital nomads in bureaucratic, professional, and social sense. We believe digital nomads will recognize the benefits of living and working in Croatia, one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe.

Žurić i Partneri remain leading law firm in Croatia according to Legal 500 2020 report

Žurić i Partneri proudly announces its ranking within the new Legal 500 EMEA 2020 report.

We are particularly proud that our partners are listed in the elite “Leading Individuals” list.

Duško Žurić has been ranked as a “Leading Individual” for the first time in Banking, Finance and Capital Markets practice area as well as in Commercial, Corporate and M&A. This recognition is the evidence of his market-leading status and his expertise in both practice areas.

Miroslav Plašćar has been ranked as a “Leading Individual” again in Dispute Resolution and for the first time in Real Estate and Construction.

Croatia’s measures to assist business in period of COVID-19 lockdown

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Croatian state authorities and various institutions introduced a number of measures with the purpose of mitigating the adverse effects the pandemic has on the Croatian economy. Particular emphasis of these measures has been put on the protection of businesses and individuals.

Below is a high-level overview of measures introduced to date. Due to the exceptionally dynamic development of measures to combat the COVID-19 and given that certain measures are only in a form of recommendations or pending proposals, for the most up to date and precise advice please contact our team and we will provide you with requested inputs as soon as practically possible.

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